Sustain vs Short Term Gain

Today is Earth Day, a day to remind us of the importance of caring for the planet. Today is also a day when we are moving quickly towards the tipping point of our existence causing our own demise. We are beyond taking stands and making gestures. We are beyond informing and arguing. The oceans are dying, the earth is warming, the ice is melting, the currents are shifting, and we have no other place to go. Continue reading “Sustain vs Short Term Gain”

Fired! : A How to Manual

Humans remain the most valuable capital in corporate organizations today. A human is an unbound resource with infinite potential. Our minds are power houses of energy and our bodies are capable of the greatest finesse. We are just at the start of understanding the true complexity of our own lives. And yet, there is a trend in the wrong direction of how we treat one another in a business setting. Continue reading “Fired! : A How to Manual”