Sustain vs Short Term Gain

Today is Earth Day, a day to remind us of the importance of caring for the planet. Today is also a day when we are moving quickly towards the tipping point of our existence causing our own demise. We are beyond taking stands and making gestures. We are beyond informing and arguing. The oceans are dying, the earth is warming, the ice is melting, the currents are shifting, and we have no other place to go.

The problem isn’t climate change, global warming, or ocean bleaching. The problem is short term gains. We have taught one another to do what it takes to make lots of money quickly. We parade those who do by holding them up like saviors. We ignore the fact that the rich aren’t happier or better off, and we look at the poor with disdain and pity. We do these things in error and out of a lack of understanding our place and the importance of this moment.

All we really need to do now is slow down. We can still have rich lives full of the things we love. In fact, when we slow down we will find even more love then we ever thought possible. Communities all over this country are building new ways of living with nature instead of without, and the communities that go in this direction are having the best time. The communities still obsessed with short term gain are struggling, loosing people, and providing all of us with little to nothing at a cost this planet can no longer afford.

It takes time for a business that provides good value to grow. It never happens overnight, and it won’t provide you with a yacht and a thousand acre ranch. It will provide you with lots of love and joy in life, and if we all work together, a planet to live on for many generations. Getting there is a difficult and bumpy road, but we don’t have to go alone. I started the Adirondack Leadership Institute to help people learn how to build sustainable organizations. We provide training and support to sustainable ideas that need help getting out the door. My organization is not the only one out there doing this, and I hope more join us in this endeavor. Great ideas exist that can save this planet. It is not too late. All it takes is for us to slow down and make the long term investment that is needed to grow great ideas into inspiration. For this earth day please consider slowing down and investing in the needs of the planet and our communities.

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